myEZquick QUEEN Single Airbed


myEZquick QUEEN Single Airbed

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Item #: myEZB code S3

Manufacturer: myEZproduct

Size: QUEEN one Layer

Pump Type: FREE Battery Pump included.

Inflated Size: 78*60*9


Condition: NEW

Availability: YES

Price from: $75 $ 67.50

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Once you receive your own myEZBed Queen Size One Layer AirBed you will know straight away that it was worth purchasing!

The Queen Size One Layer Airbed is perfect for any occasion and ensures extra support and extended luxury for any guests you may have. More so, you may find yourself, like many, preferring the space offered by a Queen Size myEZBed compared with your own bed.

If you have been using sleeping bags or weak wooden mats, whilst adventuring outdoors for camping events, you must be familiar with the back ache and neck pains that come with the morning after what is usually a very uncomfortable sleep. Look no further! Buy a Queen size Airbed today and take your Comfort Anywhere!

In the modern world it is considered that every good host should have a great spare bed and every camper deserves a comfortable and reliable camping bed. myEZBed makes sure that every home is able to buy an affordable, comfortable, compact extra bed for overnight guests and unexpected visitors as well as ensuring durability of our product for the extended use by camping enthusiasts.

Now that you are online and shopping for your next pieces of camping equipment or that extra special guest mattress, make sure you look no further than myEZBeds Queen Size One Layer Airbed. The advantages of this mattress are rife and the unique hardworking designers have answered all of our customer demands by creating a unique Airbed which bares so many similarities yet way more comfort than your bed at home.

Make sure you purchase the quality of a myEZBeds Queen Size One Layer AirBed. Like all of our other products this Airbed is durable enough to resist puncturing by rocks or any sharp objects.

Do keep in mind that the prices of myEZBeds vary dependent on the pump you choose to accompany it.



Advantages of a Queen Size One Layer Airbed:

  • As big as a regular mattress

  • Features Coil or I-Beams systems

  • Soft top to keep sheets in place

  • Convenient for storing

  • Easy to move around, inflated or deflated

  • Can be inflated manually or with a battery pump

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By Kenny nweke
from Abuja, Nigeria


12 Oct ,2012

Comments about: myEZquick QUEEN Single Airbed :

'Thank God for myEZBeds. It is not an ACCESSORY. IT IS A NECCESSITY!'


Help myEZBeds airbeds attain a high impact on families who receive myEZBeds. They will receive them as a part of larger health and educational program run by our Giving Partners. These programs will help families get the care and opportunities they need to keep them healthy and focused on work and education.   Dr. Dosunmi



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Whenever my daughter wants her friends over to stay it is not a problem, we bought 3 myEZBeds creating lots of room and comfort for everyone -Kesha

 After an exhausting day travelling to get to us all my mother and father wanted to do was sleep. Within minutes the myEZBed air mattress was inflated and ready to use - SHINA