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About Queen Size AirBed

Once you have purchased a myEZbeds Queen Size Airbed you will know for sure that it was worth the purchase!


For all of you that love to sleep and chill outdoors this large comfortable mattress is more of a necessity. If you have been using sleeping bags OR weak wooden mats during your outdoor activities you must be familiar with the back ache and neck pains that occur the morning after a very uncomfortable sleep. Our love for nature should at no time be compromised by the sleepless nights we encounter whilst spending our night in sleeping bags. 


Further from this it is also important that every good host has a great spare bed and every home needs an affordable, comfortable, compact extra bed for overnight guests and unexpected visitors. It is time for us to give our family members and ourselves a good treat by buying a myEZBed Queen Size Airbed.


The advantage of this mattress is that our designers have answered all of the customer demands, by creating a Queen Size Airbed, which has so many similarities, in texture and size, to your bed at home.


You can carry out some simple experiments of your own. This can be done by way of pumping in air whilst also checking the level of firmness of the Airbed. When you are happy and the Airbed is comfortable, to your standards, you will fully experience the notion of taking Comfort Anywhere.

Help myEZBeds airbeds attain a high impact on families who receive myEZBeds. They will receive them as a part of larger health and educational program run by our Giving Partners. These programs will help families get the care and opportunities they need to keep them healthy and focused on work and education.   Dr. Dosunmi



T.E.N for O.N.E



Whenever my daughter wants her friends over to stay it is not a problem, we bought 3 myEZBeds creating lots of room and comfort for everyone -Kesha

 After an exhausting day travelling to get to us all my mother and father wanted to do was sleep. Within minutes the myEZBed air mattress was inflated and ready to use - SHINA