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About Electric Powered Pump

The myEZBeds Electric powered pump can be taken with you anywhere! Easily plugs into any home outlet or any car 12 volt cigarette light. What makes this pump really special though is that it not only inflates your airbeds, inflatable boats or Lake Float but also inflates your footballs, basketballs and bike tires. Plus when it's time to put your inflatable products away this pump is a real back saver because it will help you deflate them by sucking out all of the air for you. Three interconnecting nozzles tightly fit all of myEZBeds valves.



myEZBeds Quick-Fill Indoor/Outdoor AC/DC Pump Specifications

  • For both indoor and outdoor use

  •  plugs into cigarette lighters or household electrical outlets

  • Long hose with 3 interconnecting nozzles

  • Inflates and deflates

  • 2-speed switch

  • Detachable DC cigarette cord

  • CE safety approved

Help myEZBeds airbeds attain a high impact on families who receive myEZBeds. They will receive them as a part of larger health and educational program run by our Giving Partners. These programs will help families get the care and opportunities they need to keep them healthy and focused on work and education.   Dr. Dosunmi



T.E.N for O.N.E



Whenever my daughter wants her friends over to stay it is not a problem, we bought 3 myEZBeds creating lots of room and comfort for everyone -Kesha

 After an exhausting day travelling to get to us all my mother and father wanted to do was sleep. Within minutes the myEZBed air mattress was inflated and ready to use - SHINA