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myEZBeds is the number one brand of the company myEZproduct Ltd.


myEZBeds is a for-profit brand based in Africa, more so, myEZBeds also operates a non-profit subsidiary.


 The myEZBeds air mattress enables Comfort Anywhere. The design and final quality will ensure that when it comes to finding the most comfortable air mattress, you need look no further. Not only are our airbeds highly rated, they are also clinically proven to give you excellent support all over your body and will allow you to relax in comfort, helping you to get a great night's sleep.


 All myEZBeds come with a FREE Pump, however, for an even quicker inflating experience try our rechargeable pump or our highly recommended electric powered pump. These pumps, the rechargeable and electric power pumps enable auto-inflation, saving time and energy. An electric pump rapidly inflates your bed with only the touch of a button. More so, the only way for air to leave the bed is by way of you releasing it yourself, therefore myEZBeds remain inflated until the time comes for them to be packed away.


 For your reassurance we inflate every myEZBed and allow it to stand for a maximum of 24 hours, and then we package it up like new. This process is to ensure that you or your guests do not end up awake on the floor the morning after inflating a myEZBed.


 Why you need myEZBeds?

  • Saves space

  • Easy to store

  • Quick setup

  • Can be used anywhere

  • Affordable***

  • Enables a better night’s sleep

  • Avoids potential body pains caused by hard mattresses

  • Creates a comfortable sleeping arrangement for guests

  • Durable

  • Easily washed and kept clean

  • NO electricity required

Help myEZBeds airbeds attain a high impact on families who receive myEZBeds. They will receive them as a part of larger health and educational program run by our Giving Partners. These programs will help families get the care and opportunities they need to keep them healthy and focused on work and education.   Dr. Dosunmi



T.E.N for O.N.E



Whenever my daughter wants her friends over to stay it is not a problem, we bought 3 myEZBeds creating lots of room and comfort for everyone -Kesha

 After an exhausting day travelling to get to us all my mother and father wanted to do was sleep. Within minutes the myEZBed air mattress was inflated and ready to use - SHINA